History of St Andrews

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Pre 1955: Bletchley Baptist Mission Hall Bletchley Baptist Mission Hall 1950
24th May 1939: The opening of the new school hall in Old Bletchley.
This is now housing, located opposite Tesco on Newton Road. 

1942: A company of the Girls Life Brigade began (2nd Bletchley).


1955: St Andrews Baptist Church
A site was found on the corner of Buckingham Road and St Andrews Road. The empty site of what is now St Andrews Baptist Church
March 1955: the building work commenced
28th May 1955: a stone laying ceremony was held at the site of St Andrews. 


15th October 1955: St Andrews Baptist Church Opening
St Andrews Baptist Church when first built.The day which everyone had worked and prayed towards was finally here. 350 people turned out at the opening of the building.

With the opening of the new church, it was decided to commence a regular
Sunday Morning service.

Until the start of the 1970's St Andrews was the centre of the community.


Our Ministers:

Revd. Neil B Hall Revd. Alan F Griggs Revd. Alfred Wood
Revd. Neil B Hall
Revd. Alan F Griggs
Revd. Alfred Wood
Revd. Donald Jayne Revd. Allison Fuller By 1996 the church had declined heavily and was unable to support a full-time minister.
Revd. Donald Jayne
Revd. Allison Fuller














Our Student Ministers:

Two Year Interregnum
The Melvin Family The Gregory Family
Andy Melvin
David Gregory
Simon Gray


Serious consideration of future.

The Stocker Family
Simon Gray

Brian Stocker

2011 onwards Full Time Minister














2008-2011: Growth in Several

November 2021 - April 2023.  Richard Sherlock  

St Andrews birthed a short-term vision to be a prodigal friendly Church. 

Barn Dance     Cafe Church

2011: Minister
St Andrews appointed its first full-time minister since 1996 with support from Home Mission.

2012: Vision
St Andrews vision to be a community hub was born out of prophetic words and scripture, namely Isaiah 54:2

2013: Staffing
St Andrews took on two interns - one for Administration and the other for Music. The Administration intern progressed into an apprenticeship, part-time and now full-time, now supported by the church and external funding. 

2016: Home Mission
St Andrews came out of Home Mission, years earlier than expected.



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